The Foreigner

Released: 1978 | Director: Amos Poe

European Max Menace arrives in New York City on an unknown mission. Boredom sets in as he waits for his assignment. Alienation thrusts him into entanglements with women, weirdos and creeps.

Their unstructured lives echo the purposely-meandering storyline. The Foreigner shows the reality of being meaningless in a hostile city. Suspenseful soundtrack.


Director: Amos Poe // Writer: Amos Poe // Music: Ivan Kral // TRT: 1 hour, 32 minutes // Rating: Unrated // Language: English // Format: 16mm black/white // Genre: No Wave, Art-House // Year: 1978 // Location: New York City // Partial Cast: Debbie Harry, Eric Mitchell, Anya Phillips, Patty Astor, Duncan Hannah.